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Buy, sell, rent or lend a property - rely on us!

“Cottage-BG” Ltd, a new name in the Bulgarian real estate market, attempting to establish itself as a competitive company, covering mostly the rural property market - houses, properties, agricultural lands and forests.

Works with good objects at reasonable prices.

In the real estate business are working from 15 years.

We concentrate in the area of Bansko and the surrounding area. The best ski resort in the Balkans. A major potential for the development of the region besides ski tourism numerous spas, golf courses, proximity to the Aegean Sea - Greece, incredible scenery in a clean area where it produces the most delicious and quality products.

In the area we worked seven years now, we have built a good team and the ability to react quickly to the situation.

Our new proposals for investment cover special objects for connoisseurs of the Black Sea and Greece.

The basic principles of our team are: individual approach to each deal, protect the interests of the client, professionalism and integrity. In order to each customer, bring another.

Outside the real estates business are professionally engaged with sports, sports management, organization of major sporting events, assistance with accommodation for tour groups and organize their entertainment.

We offer facilities for long and short-term accommodation.

Our team consists of professionals with years of experience, knowledgeable and ambitious young people. Protecting the rights and interests of its clients to ensure the legality of the transactions.

We work with objects from around the country, our assistants find themselves your wishes.

Our partners will provide legal, financial, administrative or technical advice relating to the management, investment, sale, rental, financing, construction, repair and insurance of the property.

Trust us!