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SPA region

 Region blessed with natural beauty. Numerous spas, ski slopes, proximity to the Aegean Sea make the region very reliable investment. We present some of the most advanced spas in the region, Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula.

Dobrinishte , Banya , Eleshnitsa

Ognyanovo,  Velingrad , Sandanski




  The city is famous for its mineral springs since ancient times. There 17 springs with a temperature of 30 to 43 degrees. From his bowels gushing springs, the water of which there are silver ions.
  Dobrinishte recommended for balneotreatment and climatictreatment.
  Nature and constructed facilities, and proximity to the ski slopes of Bezbog peak, define it as a center for mountaineering and skiing.
 There are bars, taverns and outdoor pools with mineral water.  


 Banya is a village located 5 km from Bansko ,in the Rhodope Mountains, surrounded by the Rila Mountains,, and before it the majestic Pirin Mountains. The region has 70 mineral springs with water temperature of about 55 °.
 Mineral water can be used for medical treatment and prevention Combination of natural resources, mineral springs, just a few kilometers from the largest ski center in the Balkans.
 Make interest in the property in the village acquitted. Today hot mineral water still flows from the tap and pull through the village streets.
 Especially attractive are several outdoor swimming pools with mineral water.


Village is a small village nestled between - Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains. Located 18 km. from the slopes of the town. Bansko. There are spas with healing properties. The main sources are two: Zlatarica and Varvara.
The location of the source,, Zlatarica '' allows the construction of significant volume and area buildings, swimming pools, sports complexes. The place is clean, temperate and expansive views of the Pirin Mountains. In currently operates sports complex, swimming pool with mineral water.
  Thermal source "St. Barbara" has a temperature of 58 C. In comparison with the waters of Banya, this has reduced sulfur content. It has proven medicinal qualities for skin diseases, traumatic injuries of joints and bones.
  The village is inhabited and has existed since Roman times because of hot springs and mild climate.
 At the moment it is an inexhaustible source of real estate investment. .


  Ognyanovo is a Bulgarian village situated in southwestern Bulgaria in the Rhodope Mountains, close to the Greek border 12 kilometers,40 км from Gotse Delchev, and 200 km from Sofia village is situated at 540 meters altitude, with favorable climate .
  Numerous spas complex combined with beautiful, picturesque scenery make it an excellent place for wellness and rural tourism.
 Mineral baths consist of 24 thermal springs, treating many diseases.


This is emblematic of the city - the spa capital of the Balkans. The greatest wealth of the resort are abundant warm and hot mineral waters , gushing 80 springs.
 They are weakly mineralized with deep background, crystal clear, clear, warm and hot.
 Velingrad mineral water combined with natural resources donated human health, joy and pleasure. Here Balneo treatment is particularly effective. There are numerous thermal pools, indoor and outdoor. The city is green with many parks and coniferous forests. Here is the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria - Kleptuza.
 An amazing place not only for recreation but also for a second home.


Sandanski mineral water, mountain freshness, favorable climatic conditions. A small town located in the Pirin Mountains, amidst beautiful countryside, woodland, beautiful views and breeze from the Aegean Sea. The area abounds in the presence of mineral springs with medicinal properties. Water gushes in more than 80 mineral springs whose temperature ranges between 42 and 81 degrees. It has a low mineral rich chemically treated many diseases. Along with its proximity to the Aegean Sea, submitted to the site wonderful opportunity for a good investment.