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Region Bansko

   Bansko Municipality comprises the most beautiful part of the Pirin Mountains, parts of the Razlog valley, from the picturesque gorge of Momina ravine and the Rhodopes.

 The terrain is flat along the river valleys to hilly in the mountain and foothill area. The climate is continental with Mediterranean influence, and in the higher mountainous areas. Summers are short and cool and winters are snowy, soft and long

 Bansko municipality is located on the site of settlements inhabited since ancient times, due to favorable climatic conditions and numerous mineral springs. The proximity to the Aegean Sea makes the area unique investment for owning a second home.



Dobrinishte is located 6 km of Bansko. The city is famous for its mineral springs since ancient times. There 17 springs with a temperature of 30 to 43 degrees. From his bowels gushing springs, the water of which there are silver ions.Unique combination of skiing, spas, natural beauty, lifestyle and culture, they define it as a year-round center for tourism.





The village is 24 km from Bansko, located in a quiet place. Nature and the air is crisp, the area is clean. Near the Mesta River, the forest starts from the very houses. Although it is near the mountain resorts here winters are mild and cool summer. An amazing place for investment.



The village is located in a gorge located along the Mesta River, at 920 meters altitude. Pine forests surrounding it everywhere. This influence has Aegean breeze, winters are mild and summers cool. Gifts of nature are at arm's distance. Fish in the river, berries, herbs, mushrooms this is the main livelihood and occupation of population.




Obidim village is located high in the Pirin at an altitude of 1200 m2 It is 30 km. from Bansko and about 10 km. the slopes in Dobrinishte. In the land of the village has 13 chapels, iconostasis, a monastery and a church. Church of St. Nikolay Chudotvorets was built in 1842. The St. Panteleimon monastery is located in the woods and has a healing spring to it. The village is still a pristine area, hidden in the Pirin Mountains. There are not many useful properties that would be a good investment.Obidin village is still a virgin place, hidden in the mountains



Kremen is a village in the Pirin Mountains. Located at an altitude of 1100 m and 35 km. of Bansko. The village is located on a plateau overlooking a magnificent view and wide. In Kremen air is crystal clear, water and soil pollution are not the years of chemicals. The place is populated for centuries. From here leave many paths to Pirin and most beautiful lakes in the area Kremen.




Osenovo is located 30 km. of Bansko. An amazing village has preserved the spirit of the time and slept in the past. The village is located in the western suburbs of the Rhodope Mountains at 1276 m altitude. Near 100 km. there is no an undertaking which pollute the region.One of the most ecologically clean regions in Bulgaria. Just before the village is rock composition " Svadbata "A natural rock formations included in the protected areas of Bulgaria.


Mountain village, almost merged with the village of Mesta, in a branch of the eponymous river. The village is populated mainly by Bulgarian Muslims. Rapidly developing, with very good properties. Much of the inhabitants had migrated abroad, mainly work in building.Tova evident in the appearance of the village, many new, good home. Simultaneously towering steeple of the church and the minaret of the mosque.