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  Leshten village is an architectural reserve with many old houses that take us back in time.
Picturesque little mountain village at 1050 meters.
Ancient architecture makes the village walk, the silence you conquered with tranquility and privacy.
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Delchevo village is characterized by a kind of architectural appearance. In harmony combined with the steep slope Amphitheater adjacent houses cut by narrow cobblestone streets. All this surrounded by centuries-old trees and a fantastic landscape of 1050 meters altitude. Most of the buildings were built in the late 19th century, some of them are architectural monuments. Here the cliffs are built into the walls on the ground floor, interesting and characteristic of the region construction of the Renaissance. The houses have bay gain on the second floor and huge balconies. The village feels the spirit, many of the buildings have been restored and renovated. Wonderful place for a second home!